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人工智能就是人造智能,其英文表示是“Artificial Intelligence”,简称AI。以下是我整理的人工智能对人类影响英文作文的相关资料,欢迎阅读!


The Impact of AI on Our Life

In recent years, AI(artificial intelligence) is ubiquitous, maybe you didn't notice it at all, but recently, Google's AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, the World Go Champion. It must cause your attention, meanwhile, the machine's sweeping victories have once again made AI a hot topic. The impact of artificial intelligence on our life is mainly reflected in following aspects.

First, the impact of AI on natural science. In many subjects which need computers, AI has an important position, conversely, AI is helpful to the formation of our own intelligence.

Second, the impact of AI on economy. AI into various fields to generate huge benefit, but it also causes the question of employment. As AI replaced the human in many ways, it leads to a huge change in a social framework.

The last one is the impact of AI on society, AI provided a new model to our life, because many developers use AI to develop more interesting games, it makes our life colorful.

AI is a double-edged sword, because some people expect AI to benefit mankind in more fields, and some others fear that AI will eventually get out of control. But in my view, if we can use it very well, it will bring more

conveniences to our life, not to lose control. Not only so but also can develop technology.


Recently, Google’s AlphaGo defeated Lee sedol, the World Go champion, 4 to 1 in a five game match. It makes us anxiety .Some people expect AI to benefit mahkind in more fields. Some others fear that AI will eventually get out of control. But I think that’s not worry.

Firstly, Artificial intelligence is the simulation of information on the process of consciousness, thinking. Artificial intelligence is not human intelligence ,but can think like people, may also be more than human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has two views, one is BOTTOM-UP AI, the other is TOP-DOWN AI. BOTTOM-UP AI points out that it is possible to create a truly intelligent machine that can reason and solve problems, and that such machines can be perceived as conscious and self aware. TOP-DOWN AI could not produce real reason and solve the problem of intelligent machines, these machines but looks like intelligence, but didn't really have a smart, also won't have independent consciousness. In my opinion, TOP-DOWN AI is more realistic, BOTTOM-UP AI is a bit beyond the current level of science and technology. Secondly, Our country will not allow artificial intelligence with independent consciousness, just like you can’t cloning human by cloning technology.

Finally, we have to calm the mood, good every day.


Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, internet and electronic commerce have been very popular in our daily lives. For example, it is fashionable for youngsters to purchase daily essentials, such as books, clothes, electrical equipment, on some famous website, like

Taobao, EBay and Alibaba, through many courier companies. As we all known, online shopping has many advantages. Firstly, online shopping is more convenient than traditional means. We can find a shop with so many goods that we may favor, while all these just need clicking our mouse and typing-in the key word of what we want to find. And it also saves our a great some of time. Secondly, more choices than real store are another attraction to customers. Online shopping can provide mass

information about products which can be suit for customer's needs, tastes, and preferences. Thirdly, as without traditional warehouses and retail shops, online shopping has can make us gain lower costs and prices. However, in spite of its advantages, we can't turn a blind eye to its disadvantages. Obviously, quality problem is its first disadvantage.

Customers always buy fake commodities which are not described as online shops. In addition, it's troublesome and annoying for us to make a change when they are not satisfied with what we bought online. The second

disadvantage is security issues. When we shop online, we need pay for the commodities by electronic payments, but hackers can invade our

computers and steal our information, this is not safe for online shopping.





We should dialectical understanding to the problem of artificial intelligence. On the one hand, artificial intelligence will bring us benefits. First of all, in the field of production, the capabilities of the people have been more efficient and low-cost machines and entity instead of artificial intelligence, labor will greatly liberated. Second, our environment will be improved, fewer resources will meet the greater demand. Third, will greatly enhance the mankind know the world of artificial intelligence, the ability to adapt to the world. On the other hand, artificial intelligence will challenge it brings to mankind. First, the artificial intelligence to do all sorts of things instead of humans, the human higher unemployment rate is unlimited, human beings have no rely on to survive. Second, if you are bad people use artificial intelligence on the crime, then human will be panic. Third, if we can't control very well using artificial intelligence, it is artificial intelligence control and utilization, then humans will end















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Artificial intelligence (ai) approach, someone worries about

unemployment, some people in the future, someone in exploring business opportunities, also some people on the go. Before discussing these, maybe we should consider the outcome of human beings.

One might think about this topic too exaggeration,

The first recall what has happened in the history of mankind incredible things.

Incredible things, the need to please a few through to decide. We please 1 was born in the 0 people born in the year of the (han dynasty) through 1600 A.D. (Ming dynasty), although spans 1600 years, but the man may be on the lives of people around you won't feel too exaggerated, just changed a few dynasty, still facing the loess back and busy day. But if please 1 1600 British people through to 1850 in the UK, see the huge steel monsters on the water ran, this person may directly be frighten urine, this is never imagined that 250 years ago.

If again please 1 1850 through to 1980, I heard that a bomb can flatten a city, this person may be directly scared silly, 130 years ago the Nobel wasn't invented dynamite.

Then please 1 in 1980 people now? This person will be cry?


The progress of artificial intelligence. Speed is amazing, the future we will start to work side-by-side with artificial intelligence.

AlphaGo fire, five one hundred million people watching "man-machine war", in the end it depends on the technical advantage of big data and deep learning in a 4-1 winners posture tell people, to artificial

intelligence is no longer just the scene in the movie, but in the real world there is another round of industrial revolution, however, this changes make many people feel scared, at that time all kinds of artificial intelligence threats to the human voice, according to the British science association entrusted network research firm YouGov, according to a survey of about 36% of people think that the rise of artificial intelligence technology will pose a threat to human long-term survival. People in all

kinds of artificial intelligence can bring big Bob "unemployment" is deeply concerned about the discourse, but also in such a tough AlphaGo will be malicious use worrying on such issues.


Future trends in computer science is one of the artificial intelligence,It is the research and artificial simulation of human thought and

eventually be able to make a human like to think the same machine.For human services and to help people solve problems.

After all, people thought it was unique, there are feelings, there are a variety of character, this will be very difficult to achieve in the machine.In fact, to do the same as the human thinking machine, the only one of the artificial intelligence, is by no means all. Through the study of artificial intelligence, can resolve all kinds of scientific problems, and promote the development of other science, the artificial intelligence is the best!

I believe that the science of artificial intelligence is waiting for humanity to explore it step by step the real connotation.


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Recently, Google’s AlphaGo have become the most famous artificial intelligence since it defeated Lee Sedol, the World Go Champion, 4 to 1 in a five-game match. Lee ,a world champion,cannot win a "robot",it seems like impossible,but in fact,facts speak louder than words.

The machine’s sweeping victories have once again made AI a hot topic. Some people welcome the progress and the artificial intelligence is expected to benefit mankind in more fields;other people worry that artificial intelligence will eventually get out of control.

Indeed, artificial intelligence can benefit mankind in many fields,such as treatment of diseases, industrial production and large data calculation.As for Google’s AlphaGo,it has achieved great progress and this progress could be revolutionary.

At the same time,some people think we should not be carried away by convenience,we cannot ignore the risk of artificial intelligence.But actually,most of people come into contact with artificial intelligence in science fiction.Their panic root in survival contradiction of artificial intelligence and human in the movies or novels. There is no denying that their concerns is reasonable.But in my point of view,it is not a computer beats the human, but human defeated the human.

First of all,the development of artificial intelligence will lead to unemployment in a large fields.This is the most direct consequences.Artificial intelligence can work more efficiently,and nobody can deny that they can work as cheaper labour.Then, the most affected areas is areas of the economy.Many economic law can be modeled,society may be unstable.The last thing is people can be more and more lazy,people who is thinking would be only a few.It violates the original intention of social development.

However,artificial intelligence also have the positive side, they won't be tired and food and water become unnecessary,they work by electricity. But we should understand that the advantages should not be abused,if so,there will be an unpredictable ending.

To make a long story short,artificial intelligence will become our "invisible assistant" rather than our competitors in within a period of time,we should cooperate fully with artificial intelligence,using it appropriately is the right way in my mind.


Don’t Rely Too Much on Computers

Nowadays, a large number of people are becoming increasingly dependent on their PC. They might use such computer software as QQ or Fetion to stay in touch with their family and friends. They may surf the Internet to find useful information for them or to help their work done. Anyway, reasons for relying on computers are uncountable.

However, relying excessively on computers can bring about lots of problems. First and for most, computers can make people lazy. Computers are faster than human in calculation, more capable in getting things done all at one time. Once a person has such an assistant, he or she can be addicted to getting helped. Thus, when they run into problems, instead of thinking by themselves and trying their best to figure things out, the lazy version of them may just turn to computer for convenience.

In my opinion, we should strike a balance between asking for help from computers and working on our own. Nevertheless, computers are only tools devised by human who should not be taken place by them. Only in keeping our minds active and brains trained can we human invent smarter devices than computer and build a better world of intelligence.


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Artificial intelligence can make our life more interesting. For example, if we have no company when playing games, artificial intelligence can accompany you.

At the same time, artificial intelligence has the ability of self-learning and can be your little assistant in life.

Artificial intelligence must be the most popular and potential industry in the future. You can earn money to support your family without leaving home.

You can completely release yourself, including students' learning, through artificial intelligence.



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